Exchange exchange is a decentralized exchange that works on the principle of automatic market maker (AMM).

As it is a decentralized exchange, all assets of users are securely stored independent from on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, hence in crypto wallets.

While exchange is open to all tokens on BSC, it aims to exchange SANS token with popular tokens with low transaction fees. For this, distributes all of swap fee to liquidity providers.

Liquidity Pools

The first condition for swapping tokens in the exchange is the creation of liquidity pools.

  • It is impossible to trade if there is no liquidity pool for the token pair you wish to trade.

  • However, swap transactions can be made as much as the amount in the pools. Thus, as the ratio of the desired amount in the pool increases, the price also increases.

By providing liquidity, you will receive a share of the 0.2% transaction fee charged from clearing transactions, equal to your rate in the pool. When you return your LP tokens to the system and remove your liquidity, your earnings will be included in the amount of tokens you receive and transferred to your wallet.

If there is a mine for the LP tokens you own, you can earn SANS by investing to the mine.

You can watch the video below to see how to add liquidity and create LP tokens.

Swap ( Buy and Sell )

Swap is the exchange of a token in your wallet with another BEP20 token through liquidity pools.

A transaction fee of 0.2% is charged on your swap transactions, and this fee is shared among the liquidity providers.

You can watch the instructions and details about the swap process in the video below.

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