Burn Plan

Phase 1

End time: 1st of November 2021
  • All the SANS tokens locked to SansManager contract will be burned.
  • All the SANS tokens released from SansLocker contract will be burned.
  • If any direct sales occurs within this period, %20 of income will be spent for buyback and lock liquidity.
  • 1.000.000 SANS will be locked for project team and operations to a reputable token locker and the link will be shared.
  • Daily total token emissions from mines will be decreased to 700 SANS starting from November 1st.

Phase 2

End Time: Approximately November 2026
  • Everyday ~ 239300 tokens will be pulled from mines and will be burned.
  • Tokens released from SansLocker contract will be burned daily.
  • Burn report will be updated daily after tokens are burned.