At Sans.finance, all you have to do is buy a ticket to participate in the no-loss lottery. You don't need to set a number or guess.

With your tickets, you can participate in as many draws as you want, not just one lottery, and you can return your tickets whenever you want. So you never have the risk of losing.

The transaction fee charged at ticket purchase and refund is determined by the Binance Smart Chain network and the entire fee goes to the network. sans.finance has no savings on these fees.


  • Lottery prizes are distributed in BNB.

  • There are two types of lotteries, weekly and annual. A separate ticket is required for both types.

  • Ticket prices: 10 SANS for the weekly lottery, 25 SANS for the annual lottery.

  • A user can buy as many tickets as they want. However, due to the gas fee limit, a maximum of 50 tickets can be purchased and returned at once.

  • Chainlink's VRF implementation is used for reliable randomness in the draws.

Prize amount

The lottery prize amount and the number of winners are decided by the sans.finance team, taking into account criteria such as the number of SANS sold, income from SANS funds, sustainability, and participant motivation.

The prize amount for each draw increases until the time of the draw and is instantly displayed on the homepage and lottery page.

Wondering how to buy tickets? You can watch the process of buying and returning tickets in the video below.

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