You can collect SANS from mines by investing in with your SANS and LP tokens.

Total daily emission from all mines is approximately 700 SANS.

Mining SANS by investing SANS

Check out the below video to see how to mine SANS by investing SANS token.

Mining SANS by investing LP Token

To mine with an LP token investment, you must first add liquidity and become an LP token owner.

To learn about adding liquidity, you can refer to the Liquidity Pools section on the Exchange page.

The below video shows how to mine SANS by investing with LP tokens.

Mining BUSD by investing SANS

By depositing SANS in the BUSD mine, you can earn BUSD with periodic distributions.

The income from the algorithmic trading robot which is developed by team is shared among SANS investors.

You can benefit from this income by investing your SANS into BUSD mine.

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