Hi is a platform running on Binance Smart Chain and aiming users to always win by no-loss lottery, mining and decentralized exchange functions.
You can use all these functions just with your crypto wallet without creating an account.

No-loss Lottery

Currently v2 is being developed.
25 draws were held for v1 and 38 BNB is given away. Users could join as many lotteries as they wanted with their tickets and return their tickets whenever they wished.


SANS is a limited supply token, that's why there is a limited amount of SANS in the mines.
You can earn SANS by staking SANS or LP tokens. Or, you can earn BUSD by staking SANS.
Staking earlier and more will bring you more SANS.

Decentralized Exchange

On decentralized exchange, your funds are saved completely on Binance Smart Chain and in your crypto wallet in a secure way.
All dex smart contracts are developed with the same open source code used within Uniswap, Sushiswap, Pancakeswap, etc. dex is open to all tokens developed on BSC and all of 0.2% swap fee is shared between liquidity provider.
  • All these functions run on Binance Smart Chain with lower transaction fee and higher transaction speed compared to Ethereum and Bitcoin.
  • The smart contracts are verified and accessible on BscScan.
  • Most of the code within smart contracts consists of already audited open source code. Please consider encountering bug which is always possible on any platform on blockchain and invest upon this risk.
  • funds and smart contracts are securely owned by multisig wallets.